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Aerith + Castiel. ff7verse.

[Some days, everything still felt ordinary. Granted, ordinary for her typically involved people spying on her and occasionally falling through the ceiling. Just the twice, but that's a pattern worth memorizing either way. The grass is new, though. As is the blue of the sky. Sometimes clouds gathered together up above, which made her chuckle a little bit every now and then.]

[Ordinary's not a bad thing. The waiting's what's bothering her. How long does it take to find a Chocobo, anyway? There's plenty of them right there. She sighs a little, absently fussing with the fence she's leaning on.]

[spnverse] Merrill + Castiel

[It's different here. Something in the air. Almost intangible, like a whisper through the reeds. This world is so much vaster than than the walled city in which she dwells. The sky is blue and vast above, and the grass isn't green but a muddled sort of yellow, almost gold if not so rich. Mountains in the distance, purple, not as ragged and full of ancient, restless spirits as Sundermount, but imposing like giants.

She's heard people call this place Montana. It took a few days to wind inward from the plains where she arrived to streets and from those streets to a town. Barely a pinprick on the map. A dot among a vast sea of them. The bloodwriting on her face draws stares and double takes, which she never heeds. She feels lost, even with the ball of twine she grips tightly in her hand.

The sky is blue and vast above. Almost infinite, with wisps of cloud on the late afternoon breeze.]
[ This is Diagon Alley in the middle of summer; a bit stuffy, a bit too warm, and crowded with Hogwarts students restocking their school supplies as well as the usual crowd of shoppers. This here in the middle of the alley is a 17-year old Castiel who's gotten separated from his own usual crowd - Donna ran off somewhere, and then Cas dawdled a little in front of one of the shop windows and when he looked up, everyone else was lost in the bustle of the crowd. But he's not too bothered; Diagon Alley isn't that big a place, so it's not as if he won't run back into them sooner or later. This is of course not at all a set-up for someone else to run into him purely by coincidence due to the strange reality-warping nature of musebox time shenanigans. ]

[hpau] Charles Xavier + Castiel Milton

[It's a bright cold day in January, and Charles is studying in the library with Castiel. It sounds like the set up to a mystery novel, but it'd have to be a short one because the answer was written on the stressed look on Charles' face. OWLs were only a few months away, and the Ancient Runes one promised to be as close to a killer as Norse could possibly be. He sits at a table in the library pouring over books, flipping through them with abandon, the voices in his head finally quieting for the moment.]

How far did you get on page 63?
[ Vworp vworp vworp is the sound of the TARDIS when it lands, if anyone is around to hear it. The Doctor certainly has no idea. He felt like a surprise so he set the controls to random to take him any planet anywhen anywhere. He's quite excited, actually; he always is when he sets the controls to random, even if some days they take him to slightly less inspiring places, but who cares! That's half the fun.

He grabs his coat with a grin and shrugs it on before leaving the TARDIS, and... well, that's interesting. He seems to have landed in someone's very (very very) large garden, with an equally large house to match. Well, it's been a while since he trespassed anywhere. Maybe if he pretends he got lost he'll avoid trouble with the locals. And with that thought, it's hands in pockets and strolling off to explore~ ]
[So. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is Lyle's favourite pub of choice. It's pretty crowded since it's a popular hang-out for a lot of Lyle's area of Belfast, and the Dylandy twin in question is currently standing at the bar ordering another pint. Because heck, he's Irish, if Northern Irish, and he knows how to have a good night out while drinking.

It's a pretty friendly pub, so everyone's talking to everyone and Lyle certainly wouldn't be averse to talking to any strangers~]

[RL with Luna - HPAU /o/]

[See Arthur. See Arthur coming out of the portrait of the fruit bowl that leads to the kitchens. He's just been down there chatting to the house elves - other wizards might not think they're very bright or even account for much at all, really, but he's always got on perfectly well with them, and they're a lot more pleasant than the majority of the people in the castle as it is.

Not that he'd ever really let on to that to anyone, really. Or almost anyone, at any rate. Being a Slytherin makes you enough of a pariah in the first place without being a Slytherin that talks to house elves as if they're actually sentient beings.

So he casts a quick glance around before heading down the corridor quickly. He doesn't particularly want to be spotted down here, after all.]
[Portugal's wandering around Antonio's house, looking for his brother. It's Spain's turn to host the Olympics this year, he's the one that should be getting things ready - Portugal's just here to watch. But Spain seems to have gone missing today, so Portugal's taken it upon himself to find him.

It's most likely he'll still be in bed, he thinks wryly to himself. But then Romano seemed really quite agitated this morning, and Portugal doesn't want the older Italy brother to be worried (because he knows that Romano really is quite worried, despite how much he protests that he isn't - Portugal deals with England on a regular basis, after all!)

He shakes his head as he looks in another room.]

Hey, Espanha? Irmao, are you in here?
[Vworp vworp vworp announces the arrival of the TARDIS on Kratos' world, and the familiar figure of the Doctor steps out and shoves his hands in his pockets. He hums to himself for a bit, taking in the surroundings, and then his face splits into a grin.]

Ohhh, I remember this world! [He says, to no one in particular. And then strides off in no particular direction, though who he's looking for, none can say...]


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