Lyle Dylandy (not_that_lockon) wrote in fels_box,
Lyle Dylandy

[RL - Ireland and Northern Ireland - well this puts patriotism into a whole new light...]

[So. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is Lyle's favourite pub of choice. It's pretty crowded since it's a popular hang-out for a lot of Lyle's area of Belfast, and the Dylandy twin in question is currently standing at the bar ordering another pint. Because heck, he's Irish, if Northern Irish, and he knows how to have a good night out while drinking.

It's a pretty friendly pub, so everyone's talking to everyone and Lyle certainly wouldn't be averse to talking to any strangers~]
Tags: character: brigid [ireland], character: connor [n. ireland], character: lyle dylandy, player: stars, player: toph, what: rl log
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