The Doctor (timey_wimey) wrote in fels_box,
The Doctor

[RL - Charles Xavier - because these two seriously need to meet]

[ Vworp vworp vworp is the sound of the TARDIS when it lands, if anyone is around to hear it. The Doctor certainly has no idea. He felt like a surprise so he set the controls to random to take him any planet anywhen anywhere. He's quite excited, actually; he always is when he sets the controls to random, even if some days they take him to slightly less inspiring places, but who cares! That's half the fun.

He grabs his coat with a grin and shrugs it on before leaving the TARDIS, and... well, that's interesting. He seems to have landed in someone's very (very very) large garden, with an equally large house to match. Well, it's been a while since he trespassed anywhere. Maybe if he pretends he got lost he'll avoid trouble with the locals. And with that thought, it's hands in pockets and strolling off to explore~ ]
Tags: character: charles xavier, character: the tenth doctor, player: box, what: rl log
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