Castiel (loyalbound) wrote in fels_box,

[hpau/time shenanigans] castiel milton + regulus black

[ This is Diagon Alley in the middle of summer; a bit stuffy, a bit too warm, and crowded with Hogwarts students restocking their school supplies as well as the usual crowd of shoppers. This here in the middle of the alley is a 17-year old Castiel who's gotten separated from his own usual crowd - Donna ran off somewhere, and then Cas dawdled a little in front of one of the shop windows and when he looked up, everyone else was lost in the bustle of the crowd. But he's not too bothered; Diagon Alley isn't that big a place, so it's not as if he won't run back into them sooner or later. This is of course not at all a set-up for someone else to run into him purely by coincidence due to the strange reality-warping nature of musebox time shenanigans. ]
Tags: character: castiel, character: regulus black, player: box, verse: interhouse misfits, what: rl log
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